Interview taken from One Week To Live magazine October 2007…

“I seem to remember one lyric that went something along the lines of: ‘dripping from a schizophrenics’ ear, singing from the depths of hell’ which I thought was rather pretty,” says Coco Electrik’s Anne Miriam Booty of her early material. Real early, this was when she first succumbed to her initial creative urges at the age of 12. She’s klnda got over the melancholic acoustic poetry ideal and now (as her debut album ‘Army Behind The Sun’ supports) she’s got quite a penchant for skuzzy yet glam, disco performance electro jams. Imagine Elastica meeting up with Roxy Music over a couple of super strength illusions from The Good Mixer In Camden. Yup, just like that.

Please introduce yourself, your likes, dislikes, and what you’re most looking forward to July?
My name is Anne Miriam Booty aka Coco Electrik and I’m terrible at describing things I like, much better at talking about all the things I hate. Having spent the first 20 years of my life in Australia, I decided to move to London and now reside in Shoreham-by-Sea. I like to write stuff, make music and sleep. I dislike having to do rubbish interviews – unlike this one. The questions are very thoughtful, thank you. In July, I will mostly be waiting for the storm/snow/hail clouds to clear so I can swim with the fishes and write more music in my beach-hut

What does ‘Army Behind The Sun’ mean to you?
Well, in terms of what the album means to me, it’s the best feeling in the world having that little piece of you out there in the ether that anyone can pick up and listen too. If you mean what does the phrase refer to – it’s a lyric from ‘Fall Into My Party’, a song that I wrote after reading ‘Goodbye To Berlin’ by Christopher Isherwood. A great book about the decadence of Berlin on the cusp of WWII and how the “party set” coped with the insurgence of the Nazis. The actual lyric says “There’s an army behind you son, so get down”, but a friend misheard it “as army behind THE sun” which I rather liked.

When you were young, What did you all want to he when you grew up?
It swung from the cerebral – lawyer – to the physical – actress. But I also entertained the idea of becoming an alien after I watched ‘Cocoon’. You know that scene where she takes her skin off in the pool and she’s glowing green? I also thought as a small child that when girls hit puberty they became Barbie dolls. I am suddenly saddened that none of my childhood ambitions have come to fruition. Damn you, Freud.

Are you looking forward to your show at At Proud?
Yes, very much so. Although I hear that it wasn’t good enough for Brett Anderson? Shame. But really, I think it will be fun. We have some friends filming it too. It’ll be a live extravaganza of disco lights and dancing-girls. Honestly.

Can you please tell us one thing about each member of Coco Electrik that we can’t find out through Google?
Anne: the booty. (I am listening to Chris Cunningham making dirty synth sounds in the house next to me as I write this.)
Adam: the brawn. (He’s an elephant riding physiotherapist.)
Martin: the brain. (He’s a Cambridge graduate who feels sad that you can’t play drums in cowboy boots.)
Matty: the joie de vivre. (Once played a Coco Electrik show with Marc Bolan’s amplifier.)
Paul: the secret filth member. (Helps run HQ Studios near Brick Lane, where the likes of Babyshambles et al have recorded and rehearsed. He also likes to fix electrical things.)

Do you like:
a) Coco Rosie? Very much so. Not so much their second album, but I enjoy baking cookies to their first.
b) Coco Brovaz? Hmmm, never heard of them, sorry.
c) Senor Coconut? Absolutely. Especially love their version of ‘Showroom Dummies’.

Coco Electrik Current Top 7
1. BAT FOR LASHES: ‘What’s A Girl To Do?’ (She Bear/Echo Records)
2. POP LEVI: ‘Hades’ Lady’ (Counter)
3. MICKEY MOONLIGHT: ‘Interplanetary Music’ (Cog Without Teeth)
4, TWO LONE SWORDSMEN: ‘No Girl In My PLan’ (Rotter’s Golf Club)
5. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: ‘All My Friends’ (John Cale Version) (DFA)
6. GOBLIN: ‘Tenebre’ (Cinevox)
7. SUPERTHRILLER: ‘Ahjustwannadance’ (Mint Music)