Lovely White Ink review from the very fine people at

Coco Electrik deliver their follow up to 2007’s debut, filled with eccentric and distinguished electro-pop.

It seems nigh on impossible to find out anything about Coco Eletrik. What I can tell you is that they’re from Brighton and main players within the band are Anne Booty and her long-term recording partner Paul Harrison. Their second album, ‘White Ink’, features input from George Demure (Output, Tirk), Kreeps (Output) and most notably, Pete Wareham (Acoustic Ladyland, Polar Bear).

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Coco Electrik before so obviously didn’t know what to expect. Sadly, after years (seven of them, to be precise) of reviewing music, my optimism that every new band I review is going to be oh-my-god-amazing has somewhat diminished. So when I press play, I never expect to be overly impressed. Then bands like Coco Electrik come along and spark a little bit of optimism back in to me.

Aurally, Coco Electrik sit somewhere between the eccentricity and kitsch-ness of the Knife, the catchiness and coolness of Hot Chip and the demure lushness of Goldfrapp. At times, such as the awesome single ‘Fire & Ice’ they have the cute pop-factors of bands like Electrocute or All Girl Summer Fun Band, but way they are more classy and not as sickening. Other times, they sweep down in to introspective glitch-pop and introduce a darker sound to their incredibly cool pop.

Coco Electrik are one of those bands I have been excited by and will be added to MP3 player for future listening, rather than added to a bunch of average tripe. They certainly struck me. There is a certain classiness and cool element to ‘White Ink’ and I urge to buy it.