© Oscillation Records & tearapart.tv 2010

Directed & designed by George Tsioutsias
Co-directed & VFX by Achilleas Gatsopoulos

DoP: Martha Pavlidou
Key grip: Gower Ramsey
Hair: John Mullan for Stone Hair
Make-Up: Lan Nguyen
Stylist: Siouxsie

Published by: Touch Tones Music

Read about the making of Fire & Ice here.

Fire & Ice is a discussion between man and a higher power. Man has always been looking for a break, looking for the truth; However, not only is the truth subjective but it’s also multifaceted as there are always different points of view for the one and the same truth. So, in effect, one could argue that this search doesnt lead to one absolute and objective truth, but to one that is valid for each of us individually. This is our truth.