I’d been to Norway once before. I went with my sister who got cheap tickets to go by ship, via a long and educational train trip to Newcastle first. We only stayed one night, walking round a perfect oil painting of a lake, past so many troll shops (my 12 year old self was itching to buy one, I used to collect them a looooong time ago) and stuffing our faces with expensive falafel and even more expensive beer. In fact, I think we shared one. Just the one, slowing alternating our swigs to make it last longer. But we both loved it there. So much. Naturally when we got the call to play the gig on the island of Utsira me and the boys were impossibly excited. And we weren’t disappointed. I think we all agree that it was probably one of the best shows we’ve ever done and easily the most fun. It’s not every day you get to play at a lighthouse, on an island. Singing, performing, effectively to a wonderfully welcoming group of people (including the mayor!) and well, the North Sea. She’s a tough one to please but I think we did okay. We made some great friends whom I cherish very much from that weekend. We also tried brown cheese (Dan is now a total addict) traipsed around some of Hitler’s old look outs (it would have been smoothish sailing to Scotland from there) and ate way way way way too much pizza. Thank you Utsira. You rocked!! The images below star a cast of characters including us, Punks Jump Up and King Knut.

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