Crazy Girl

We first came across New Orleanian Tiff McGinnis way back when, when she was known as Chantilly Peach doing in-your-face, one woman shows upstairs at the 333 club and appearing on the excellent Pussyfoot records compilation Suck It & See. Then around 2000 she ramped things up and morphed into the demented acid-queen Crazy Girl, signed to Tummy Touch and released the stunning Southern Belle From Hell album. We loved her so much we even got her to remix our cover of Sex Shooter. Then last week, after 10 years of Crazy Girl craziness, she died, to be reborn as Grande Dame.

It’s tradition of the New Orleans Jazz Funeral to play a slow somber dirge on the way to the cemetery and once the body is buried, change the tempo to an upbeat celebratory number, with the congregation marching in a second line behind the band. So to send off Crazy Girl, and introduce Grande Dame to the world, enjoy this animated short.

And after that find a few of our favourite Cray Girl classics…