Charles Ross - Star Axis 1

Star Axis is an amazing piece of sculpture (still unfinished some 35 years after work began) in the New Mexico desert by artist Charles Ross. I could quite easily imagine this cropping up in a Kenneth Anger film. I just dearly wish we had the time and money to pay it a visit. Judging by the scarcity of images online not many others have made it there either.

Ross’s earthwork, Star Axis, is located in the New Mexico desert. It is both architectonic sculpture and naked eye observatory. The approach to building Star Axis involves gathering a variety of star alignments in different time scales and building them into sculptural form. Walking through its chambers you can see how star space relates to human scale and how the space of the stars reaches down into the earth. Ross conceived of Star Axis in 1971 and began building it in 1976 after a 4-year search through the southwest to find the perfect site—a mesa where one stands at the boundary between earth and sky. He’s now finishing Star Axis with a crew of local stonemasons. It’s made with granite, sandstone, bronze, stainless steel, and earth. When completed, Star Axis will be eleven stories high and a fifth of a mile across.

Via ISO50