I first came across Cluck! The True Story Of Chickens In The Cinema at the Hoxton Book Depositary about eight years ago. It’s a bible for all things foul and feathered across sixty odd years of cinema. Yes people we’re talking everything from Freaks and Stroszek (little nuggets of which we’ve featured below), through to incidental chicken appearances in both cult and popular film. Everything about this book is brilliant! It even gives you star ratings to judge how often a chicken appears in a film, and you get a photo of the chicken tattoo on author¬†Jon Fink’s¬†arm at the end. He’s clearly a live by the chicken, die by the chicken kinda guy. So next time you’re snuggled down on the sofa watching a DVD and a chicken appears on the screen, the little lady method acting her heart out, pause to remember that she’s not your common garden variety chook. She’s a silver screen foul destined for brighter, shinier things than your 12 piece KFC zinger bucket.

This book is proof that the chicken did indeed come before the egg. High wings, little ladies, high wings.