A Clockwork Orange

I always find it pretty exciting when new tidbits like the one below come to light, especially considering how much we already know about A Clockwork Orange. This great interview with Malcolm McDowell and Leon Vitali is full of ’em. McDowell on how the iconic white Droog outfits came about…

The codpiece and the white and the bowler. I was over at [Kubrick’s] house, you know, looking for stuff to do. And I didn’t like anything there, really. They had a big box of hats, some with feathers. I thought that was pretty lame. So I say, “Look, I’ve got my Cricket gear in my car.” So I went to the car and got my Cricket gear. And he says, “Oh yeah, I love the white.” And so I put it on. And he goes, “Oh put the protector on the outside.” And I went, “Great idea.” So I wore the protector on the outside like a codpiece. He goes, “This could be like the middle ages. I like this look.” And that’s how the look of the Droogs came; because I had my Cricket stuff in the back of my car.

Hard to imagine they could have been running around with feathers in their caps.