We’ve been long-time appreciators of The Chap, and four albums in they’ve decided to put out a best of collection. We’ll let the videos and music do all the talking. All that needs to be said is that if they’re good enough for Wendy & Lisa (see final video above) then that’s all you should need to know!

The Chap, an enigma within an enigma, a band like no other, a musical riddle, a legend in their own lunchbox.

For years Lo Recordings have worked with these musical mavericks, these purveyors of high class esoteric pop music and still they won’t quit. The Chap keep on keeping on, proving the rest of the world wrong, creating a universe that’s all their own, This timely reminder collects together many of their finest moments and what’s startling about it is, they were right all along, they are the best!

From the motorik, melodius ‘Auto Where To’, the perceptive, poignant ‘We Work In Bars’ to the thunderous ‘(I Am) Oozing Emotion’, all this music is 100% The Chap. Sure there are echoes of other music you’ve heard but ultimately all is trampled underfoot, engulfed, swallowed whole, distilled and re born.

Covering all periods of their gestation, it’s great to hear once again those first faltering steps….’I Got Flattened By A Pig Farmer’ still sounds like nothing else, with it’s disco strings, minimal beats and warped vocals, ‘Remember Elvis Rex’ is irresistible and surreal in equal measures. Another early classic ‘Le Theme’ is given a makeover and sounds even more insane and anthemic than previously, like a Warm Jets period Eno in agony. ‘Ethnic Instrument’ is beyond bizarre and ‘Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley’ is like Peter Pan on acid, but there’s so much more on offer, 15 tracks of undiluted Chapness including the previously unreleased ‘Campaign Trail’.

Fans are legion and include the late great John Peel, the bang up to date Kissy Sell Out, Rob Da Bank, Stereolab, Joakim and Kylie Minogue.

If Vic Reeves was a pop star he would dream of making this music, if Elvis Presley was still alive this might be the music of his nightmares, if Salvador Dali was a biscuit then The Chap would be the cheese. If you don’t know it makes sense by now then surely it’s about time you did. We heartily suggest you make them your ‘best band’ now.