A nice little look inside Lindstrøm’s studio courtesy of Anthem Magazine.

What are these three keyboards? When did you get them? How often do you use them?
The small one on top is the Yamaha DX-100, famously used by Roger Troutman (Zapp) with his talk box … or did he use a Minimoog? Anyway, it´s a nice little FM thing that I just can’t seem to sell. [Laughs] Next one, in the middle, is the Hohner D6 clavinet, one of my all-time-favorite instruments. I got this one really cheap from a guy here in Norway―it’s one of my things that, in fact, is in very good shape. It even came with the original legs and a mint-condition plexiglass music-stand ! The big, black monster is a Hammond organ … I believe it’s an M-100, but I don´t really care―it doesn’t really sound very good, but, because of that, I love it! Especially those two reverb buttons on the right―they’re clearly malfunctioning. When I press both buttons at the same time, the whole organ starts to self-oscillate! And that’s probably the coolest thing with this piece of history. Funnily enough, I use the organ much more than any of the other two things. Actually, I tend to use the organ on a lot of what I’m working on, probably because of that self-oscillation defect. [Laughs]

Lindstrom studio

What’s the keyboard in front of you? What are you working on here?
That’s just a regular MIDI keyboard. Nothing special, really.  It’s a white Axiom Pro 61.  It’s got some pretty good keys, and the kind of pitchbend/modulation wheels I prefer. Also, it’s got aftertouch, which is very important for me… I use this one for VST synths when working in Logic, my sequencer of choice.

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Lindstrom’s rather nice new album Six Cups of Rebel is out now.